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A Puerto Rican female who makes people laugh with her quick wit and sense of humor. She will surprise you with a joke when you least expect it and when it happens, at that perfect moment, you will be overcome with laughter and brought to tears.
Laughing hysterically, I gasp for air, knowing that was Adrina.
by Dr. Phil's Cousin August 16, 2008
Sexy, exotic looking girl. She has a beautiful smile no one could forget. Has guys turning their heads everywhere she goes. Naturally beautiful so she doesn't need a lot of makeup. Oh and most importantly she's great in bed ;) best you'll ever have
"I got the best head from Adrina the other day"

"Adrina is a freak in bed!"

"Adrina is so fine! Did you see what she was wearing today?"
by EasyBreasy November 18, 2012
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