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1. To indicate duties or obligations. To express warning or disapproval to ecspecially in a gentle, earnest, or solicitious manner.
2. to give friendly earnest advice or encouragement to.
Chick 1: I admonish you to talk to Liasor.
Chick 2: Really you actually thick I have a shot with him?
Chick 1: Yeah sista you know you be workin it!
Chick 2: Yeah I've been practicing.
Chick 1: I can tell! He be liking them thick hoes though.
Chick 2: K then lets go to McDonalds.
by Sahara Desert December 24, 2008
to metaphorically beat one with a stick, this is a phrase that usually follows a correction or update of popular philosophy
... After one visit Confucius' disciples
asked him how he was able to correct and admonish Lao Tzu.
by christi May 11, 2004