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Meaning "For Sure". Not played out like "Fo Shizzle".
I'm fa shiz going to see D.A. spin next weekend.
by Christi January 21, 2005
to metaphorically beat one with a stick, this is a phrase that usually follows a correction or update of popular philosophy
... After one visit Confucius' disciples
asked him how he was able to correct and admonish Lao Tzu.
by christi May 11, 2004
1. Last night
(How it came to be) It actually just makes sence, yesturday, yesturnight....
what did u do yesturnight?
by Christi March 17, 2005
an outcast

label of a belief contrary to the Roman Catholic Masses
Da Vinci
by christi May 11, 2004
partly from their own egoless, view of the world. Basically an italian who is origionally from Greece or Turkey.
There is no such thing as a fake Italian, just fake people.
by christi May 18, 2004
a fucked up belief

-ism, - a belief
"ism's and schism's, and everywhere there is war, War in the east, War in the west, everywhere there is war."-Bob Marley
by christi May 11, 2004
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