L4M3 W4NN4B3 Mod
AdminOp Gets Pwned by Neo-TF
by L337 September 02, 2003
Top Definition
The best TFC mod in existence.
AdminOP owns NeoTF.
by pwn April 03, 2003
a wicked mod for tfc makes it so you can buy items and weapons in the game
by Anonymous July 18, 2003
The best addon for half life ever made.
NeoTF and AdminOP swapped codes, AdminOP turned out better, NeoTF accused AdminOP of code theft.

also see: NeoTF
by DarkFoxFurre May 07, 2003
Gay Mod,Has code inside to steal people's rcon pw. see at www.thefs.com
F-A-G <-- You know the point
by Drunken_Faggot September 01, 2003
Gay mod. AdminOP means Admin Over Power.
Wanna play adminop?

No way!
by Anonymous October 18, 2003
A lame mod for TFC where players can't do shit. AKA AdminCOCK.
Lame mod with lame admin-only features.
by Drunken Failure September 05, 2003
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