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The best TFC mod in existence.
AdminOP owns NeoTF.
by pwn April 03, 2003
1337 coder
You're a drunken f00l.
by pwn April 03, 2003
The shexy beast errba, a l337 person who is usually found playing computer games and involved with local clans.
OmG Errba pwned me when i played counter-strike, i was noobed :(
by pwn January 20, 2004
Appreviation for AdminOP
AOP r0x0r j00r b0x0r.
by pwn April 03, 2003
one who gets pwned repeatedly up the butt
one who gets latched 80 times in a match by groober and whines about it
man, groober won? he must have been playing with a bunch of drunk mike's
by Pwn April 07, 2004
A tin can.
by PWN January 29, 2003

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