1. The word for a flower that is in the process of growing; partially bloomed and partially budding.
by psychhhh April 30, 2009
Top Definition
A small girl witha fiesty attitude. She is shy and quiet when meeting people but afterwards she turns into a fun excitable person. She also is very lazy and likes spicy food.
Me: Hello there.
Friend: *silence*
Me: What's your name?
Friend: Adelina.
Me: Your shy huh?
Friend: Kinda....
by ~MISTRESS_OF_DARKNESS~ July 11, 2011
A name for a girl. An Adelina makes a great friend. They are great listener's and always tend to think on their feet. They are also very approachable and always have a smile on their face. Adelinas are very gorgeous, they have very curvey bodies and beautiful eyes and hair. A word that would describe an Adelina would be wise!
Friend- Hey Adelina can you help me with something?!
Adelina- Yeah sure what's up? :)
by jannets October 29, 2013
A highly developed species of human being. Defined by incredible intelligence and high sophistication. Adelina's have superior decision making abilities in absolutely everything so it will be a wise decision to follow their advice in every situation. Their brilliant focus and clarity of mind makes them great drivers on the road. They are also very loyal, selfless, patient and calm. Fantastic at yoga. Just a general all round awesomely fantastic individual. Studies have shown that a typical Adelina's uses 50% more of their brain than the average person.
Person: Adelina, what should I do tonight.. Should I go out drinking, or go to my yoga class?

Adelina: go to yoga

Person: thanks Adelina. That sounds great. You are so wise.
by Melissa1987 November 02, 2013
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