An addiction to reading the dictionary or learning new words or phrases resulting in possibly overusing them in your daily vocabulary.
She has trouble with addictionary.
We know you have an additionary problem -- but stop using all those big words! We don't understand you!
by Kris and Amar January 24, 2008
Top Definition
A form of addiction you get from frequently writing definitions of obscure or made-up words.
Tony is suffering from addictionary. He keeps making up words like shereen and carte d'or.
by Jazzy Spazzi October 19, 2004
A perfect way to avoid doing any real work
Tony's Addictionary problem eventually resulted in his dismissal as Manager
by wide-o December 29, 2004
A list of someone's addictions.
Last month Derek introduced me to Fruit Ninja and I feel like I've been playing it nonstop since. It's a solid entry in my addictionary at this point.
by warrenmt April 15, 2011
1. A dictionary of addiction.

2. A dictionary of addition.

3. A dictionary that people can't stop reading.
1. "Hey Charlie, what's it mean when someone wants to smoke a lot of crack and stuff?"
"I don't know, Frank, look it up in the addictionary."
"Thanks Charlie, have you seen my pipe?"

2. "Hey Charlie, this dictionary seems incomplete, what should I do now?"
"Go get an addictionary."
"Thanks, hey, is that like when you go online and read about words that are being introduced into pop culture?"
"Its more than that. That's why its an addictionary."
"Shouldn't it be an additionary?"

3. "Hey Charlie, I can't get enough of these definitions!"
"Are you into that addictionary again?"
"Yeah, and I should really start thinking about eating something too."

by Smoothface August 01, 2008
(noun) A steadily growing list of made-up words invented by people who feel compelled to take an active part in the development of language.
She is such an addictionary. She always make her own words and meanings.
by Adrianna Lazaro February 27, 2015
A book which features cures for addictions like smoking and alcohol.
Person 1: I really can't stop smoking.
Person 2: You may want to look for help in the addictionary.
by 900bv December 28, 2011
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