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3 definitions by warrenmt

The difference between the price charged by a male contractor to an attractive single woman and the price charged to a woman with a partner or a to man.
Female - Last year Stewart only charged me 50 dollars to clean the chimney. Now that you're here the price has doubled.
Male - Damnit, the penis penalty strikes again.
by warrenmt April 15, 2011
A list of someone's addictions.
Last month Derek introduced me to Fruit Ninja and I feel like I've been playing it nonstop since. It's a solid entry in my addictionary at this point.
by warrenmt April 15, 2011
When an individual or a family struggles to pay income or property taxes in such a way that they question the value of the services those taxes fund.
"I just got back my income tax return and I'm in a total tax bog. After I pay my property tax I might have enough left to buy a burger and a beer."

"My property taxes just went up what the hell do we need a street light for?"
"Whoa man, you got in a fender bender their last summer. You have to get out of this tax bog."
by warrenmt March 10, 2011