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a person who is a complete asshole or just strikes you a ass wipe.
a douche is usually friends with other douches or has no friends.
#1 "did you see that guy?"
"yeah he looked like a douche"
#2 "do you know Johnathan?"
"yeah he is the biggest douche ever!"
by widespread March 18, 2009
it is the act of being t-bagged by a dog
did you see that great dane
yeah he he dog bagged me

holy shit dude that was a total dog -bag
by widespread March 18, 2009
a ADHD medication used for focus and control. It is taken when your add ass self can focus on shit without getting distracted or you have a test that u will fuck up on. In general it is for concentration and control.
"holy shit that's shinny"
"go take your adderall"

dude :lets fuck
chick : aight but i will need an adderall first
by widespread March 18, 2009

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