A pill, available in a variety of doses and colors, used medically to treat ADD/ADHD. Adderall is abused by people ranging from your everyday soccer mom, to a 15-year-old loner to help build his social life. If you haven't tried it already, it is highly recommended by everyone who has. Adderall has different effects on different people; but virtually everyone feels as though their life is perfect while under the influence of this majestic piece of heaven. It is easily obtained in a college student environment and pretty much any school-type environments. Most common uses for Adderall include: finishing a school assignment worth major points, building a social life, achieving excellence in the work environment, making family time somewhat tolerable, losing weight, staying up for over 24 hours (commonly known as an Adderallnighter,) cleaning your house in a limited amount of time (yet, extremely thorough and organized) and any other activities that suck to do when sober. Highly addictive, yet totally worth it.
Anna - "I have a 500 point project due tomorrow morning, and I haven't even looked at the assignment yet! What am I going to do?"

Karen - "I just got my prescription of Adderall 30mg filled, wanna try to see if it will help you focus on getting your assignment done?"

Anna - "Sure. Do you want money or something for it?"

Karen - "Nah, first one's on me. After this, $3/pill. Here. Enjoy."

Anna - *takes sip of overpriced energy drink, swallows the drug*

Roughly 30 minutes later...

Anna - "Well, I'm gonna go to the library and start on this lame thing. Thanks, Kar. I'll tell you how it goes."

The next day, after class...

Karen - "So, how was it?"

Anna - "I still haven't slept. I was at the library 'til it closed last night. Finished my project, wrote it all out a second time, just in case. Went to my moms to catch up on things, kept her up 'til 2am. Drove around aimlessly, in complete silence, 'til 7:30am. Went to class, presented my project, listened to everyone else, critiquing every sentence quietly to myself, stayed after class to talk to the professor about how much I enjoyed his assignment and how much hard work I put into it. Came back here, emptied my dresser, unfolded and refolded every piece of clothing, organizing them by brands, did the same with yours. Then you came in, and here we are. You got anymore of that? I have some extra money to spend on this miracle drug."
*inside Anna's head: It's a whole NEW worlddddd*
by @dd3rALLd@y March 12, 2011
perscription drug used in the united states to aid individuals with ADHD and ADD (attention deficit disorder).

Comprised of different quantities of several different dextroamphetamines, usually in salt-combo (sachride and sulfate) tab form.

Effects include a heightening of attention, energy and awareness. Also the compulsion to do something, to achieve some task, whether that be writing a book, studying notes, dancing, having a conversation, building something, etc. Drug is also abuse for its narcotic effects.
damn adderall hooks yer shit up nice son! poppin the blue pills unleashes the thrills, energy up the ass, talkin mad shit and raving all night long.

people that take adderall have very tidy houses and bedrooms.
by Olly J February 22, 2005
The reason every teenager, college kid, and meth head suddenly has ADHD.
College kid: Sweet, I took eighteen classes this semester and got an A+ in all of them! And now I can get completely plastered without getting tired! Thanks Adderall.

Teen girl: I take it too, and I've lost 15 pounds without even trying. It's amazing.

Ex-Meth addict: As soon as I got my five different prescriptions for it, I didn't even need meth anymore. Sayonara rehab!

Other person: Wow. Sounds awesome. What do you take it for?

College kid/teen girl/meth head: Uh... I've got ADDH. Er, ADHD. Yeah...
by TheWORDS January 17, 2008
Adderall is an amphetamine medication given to people with ADD/ADHD. If you dont have those medical conditions and you take it you will feel "tweaked", the high for stimulants.

Dosage: For a person with no tolerance 20-30mg will be a good starting dose. Although with frequent use you will need a larger dosage to feel the same effects.

Method: You can take this orally or you can rail them (snort). I would recommend railing them as you will get the most out of it. You will need to crush the balls up into fine powder for it to work though. Also i recommend a drink or gum as the drips will be bad tasting.

The high: If you swallow them then the high will set in 30mins to an hour depending on how much you have eaten. If you rail them it should hit you almost instantly. You will feel a sudden increase in your heart beat and feel really happy as well as energetic. Your confidence will boost and will feel like a king. Working and studying will be fast and even fun so its a great study tool. This should last a few hours depending on the dose, for 30mg it should last about 8+ hours (no tolerance).

Comedown- Amphetamines have one of the shittiest comedowns known to drugs. You will be depressed, very irratible, and fatigued even though you probably wont be able to fall asleep for a while. I found the best way to deal with this is to do adderall in the morning as the effects will wear off before its too late at night.
I also extremely recommend going out to your GNC and buying a bottle of 5-HTP, take about 200mg of it as it will increase your serotonin levels that have been drained from the amphetamines which greatly lessens the comedown. If you cant sleep and want to then go out to your GNC store and buy a bottle of melatonin. This is a natural sleeping aid and will help you fall asleep much faster. Take about 6-12mg. And lastly EAT. Even though you probably arent hungry as amps tend to do that force yourself to eat, trust me you will feel much better.

Warnings: Remember to stay hydrated as amphetamines will dehydrate you. Try not to perform physical activities as it will increase your heart rate even more. And lastly do not binge on this stuff, especially if you are suffering from depression. Each comedown will get worst and worst and having depression will make you feel 10x worst at the comedown.
Adderall and Dexedrine the best of legal amphetamines
by Neighborhood Pharmacist November 17, 2007
The blue pill that, once you snort it, you can't get enough of that shit.

Effects include a mood lift that makes you feel like your king of the world, You'll talk your ass off for hours on end, not to mention your mouth can barely keep up with the words your saying because you'll talk so fast, increased focus, socialness, time seems to go by very fast, perfuse sweating and/or chills and twitches, increased rate of walking and/or running, a constant feeling of having an adrenaline rush, loss of appetite, dry mouth in some cases, and if you snort enough of the shit, your snot will turn blue from all that powder...all of these increase with dosage.

Very similar effects to that of Cocaine
1. Yesterday I spent $30 on 100 mg of Adderall and snorted all of it within 12 hours, now I've been up for 36 hours, I just got to work, and I haven't eaten anything in almost two days. Thanks Adderall!

2. I had a report due in History and Mr. Smith gave us two weeks to finish it, so the night before it was due i snorted 50 mg of Adderall and the next day I had a 30 page report on why Marijuana should be legalized. Man do I love this shit
by Badderalll August 18, 2006
Prescription for ADHD that contains amphetamine and is now being widely abused.
"I just snorted up some adderall and I'm feeling great!"
by loner March 07, 2004
A commonly prescribed medication for ADHD. It is made up of amphetamine salts and gives the user the ability to focus and conctrate for hours on end.
I have finals tomorrow so I'll take some adderall and cram all night.
by Stunt10011 January 19, 2005
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