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A play on words using your name, user name, net handle, etc. as the basis for an acronym.


To give an acroname to.

1) Acroname for...Funeraldriver = Furious upon nights expressing rage and love. Dramatic rape is very emphatically rotten.

2) Acroname for...Lepidopterist = Loving everyone purges intense dislike of people. Treating ethically, respecting individuals sympathetically, triumphs.


1) Username, would you like me to acroname you?

2) I think I'll acroname username for a little gift to him/her.
by SicMirx December 03, 2009
A name that looks like or appears to be an acronym but is not.
ARAM is capitalized to look like an acronym but is really just a name I created to mislead people. ARAM is an acroname.

BLOG is not an acronym it is an acroname.
by bobafett May 06, 2010
When the first letter of a person's first, middle, and last name are an acronym for anything
Warren Terrence Flemming is lucky because his acroname is WTF, which stands for what the fuck?
by BlackPurity June 06, 2009
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