Owner of Acmlm's board, author of the (almost) equally named AcmlmBoard (which is in PHP). Never bans anyone, even if the person just registered another board account to praise his own work (because nobody else does). Other than that he does his job quite well.
Have ya been at Acmlm's recently?
by blackhole89 January 18, 2005
A board owner who is too kind with lamers. Also lazy.
Still great, though.
Tomguy: "Acmlm needs to grow some balls."

by ExKay July 21, 2003
The owner of Acmlm's board.

..and it's pronounced Ay-see-em-el-em, damnit >_<
Acmlm just banned another lamer!
by Cymoro November 13, 2003
a great slightly lazy board owner

makes a great posting board too
make me a salad acmlm
by Anonymous August 19, 2003
Asyncronous Calibrated Mentally Logisticated Message
I sent you an Acmlm today!
by Jesus Montana March 30, 2003
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