a strong alcoholic drink usually green. illegal in america. can numb the mouth, and is advised to be the only drink of the evening when drinking

MAN, Weck!! You had absinthe after what amounted to four shots of brandy and followed it by two shots of jagermeister on your last night in Berlin!
by WECK January 05, 2006
A green or blue or any shade inbetween drink that causes severe cancer of the foot and distal joints of the hands.

Definitely recommended.
Barry Sanders : WHOA! This asbestos is the shit!

Me : Excuse me Mr. Sanders, that happens to be fine Mexican made absinthe, not asbestos.

Barry Sanders : OH SNAP SON! SNAP!

Me : <gunshot> Shut up. Smell my cancer-laden feet. SMELL THEM!! AHHAAHHA
by Dr. Michael P Tyson III June 25, 2010
Strong green liqueur containing wormwood. Bright green and causes hallucinations.
To consume absinthe, pour sugar on a spoon, set it alight and dip the caramelized sugar into the drink, adding an equal amount of water to extinguish the flame.
by Anonymous April 13, 2003
A liquid containing alcohol that people drink and get blind.
"I drank som absinthe, and now I'm blind, just like Andrea Bocelli"
by Aslak1 October 01, 2008
Known as Absinthe, Absinth, Green Fairy, Emerald wine
1) 70% alcohol drink with an active ingredient that makes absinthe so unique called Thujon.
2) hardcore trip shit
Usually drank according to an old ritual: a sugar cube is dipped in absinthe and then placed on a special spoon. The sugar is then lit on fire. Sugar drips into the drink through holes in the spoon. Cold water is then added and the drink is ready to drink. Also drinkable in shooter (strongest absinth ever is 90% and the weakest is 55% i think)
by Filthy Ninja December 14, 2005
A green hallucinogenic liquid illegal in the US but easily smuggled from Paris.
Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.
by Jennifer Callan May 09, 2005
green alcohol drink. Good stuff is halucenogenic. Bad stuff just gets you drunk as hell. Either way it's worth it. Tastes horrendous. Tastes good with a bit of chocolate candy. Reccomend drinking it with a sugar cube. If your gonna have an international plane flight the next day. I reccomend stopping some where short of puking drunk if you can manage it. Because if you don't puke the hangover is pretty manageable.
Friend of mine sees cat on street during walk home. Starts chasing it and shout "you are my destiny!"
by ch123123123 August 21, 2005

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