The term used in Half Baked to inform the baked cops in the van when the drug deal was acomplished.
"Abracadabra B" "Yo i said Abracadabra B"
by In memory of T-Nugget February 25, 2006
(v.) when a man pulls his penis out of the woman's vagina before "finishing," quickly slipping a dildo in her vagina, then skeets in her face and exclaims "TADA!" After this he runs away screaming and/or laughing
I abra-cadabra your mom every nigh, including last night, you assclown.
by Taniqua November 04, 2006
A word used when trying to produce a good magic trick.

Never used by the REAL magicians and illusionists like Houdini and David Blaine *swoon*.

Always used by fakers like kids party clowns, and old people.
Grandad: "Wanna see a magic trick?"

Kid (under breath whilst nodding):"Not really."

Grandad (puts hand behind Kid's ear, then shows Kid a penny): "Abra Cadabra. Ooooh. Must be magic!"

Kid (sighs with a fake 'OMG-amazing' look): "Mom, isn't it time for grandad's meds?"
by puppetmistress July 22, 2006
when you want someone to dissapear.
Abracadabra nigga and be gone.
by sexyblack August 27, 2006
The act of removing a wedgie from one's backside that is so far up, that one's hand disappears then reappears after said wedgie is removed.
Dude you had a killer Abracadabra
I thought you had lost your hand!
by dude December 04, 2003
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