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A proper authentic Scottish city, only fully appreciated by Aberdonians and non-Scots.

Attracts much critisism from the more simple residents of Scotland (i.e. within the central belt) largely borne out of envy of the fact that it is (for the most part) a nice place to live with few murders, no deep-fried Mars Bar suppers and no sectarianism.

The only 'one city - one football team' in Scotland - The Dons. Best team in Europe for a spell in the 80s, fans now accept that glory days are long gone but still fiercely loyal. Celtic fans think Dons try harder against Celtic, Rangers fans think the Dons try harder against Rangers. In reality, they try harder against whichever of the Old Firm is being especially annoying. Take your pick.
Glasweigan: Aberdeen? I hate it!

Non-Glasweigan: Hiv you ever lived there?

Glasweigan: Er no. By the way.
by Johnnyp1000 August 08, 2008

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