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a Indian name that means a very beautiful, and intelligent person that is loved by all.
Aashna is so sweet
by sparticus4244 August 29, 2010
an urdu word meaning 'friendship' (i think!)
its usually a name: eg. her name is Aashna
by sejal July 13, 2007
A girl whos name will make you quiver in fear and have your nutsack fall off. Her mere presence will turn your boner into your dick being sucked inside your body and shrivelling into nothingness. Her gaze can induce nausea, vomiting, temporary blindness and can make some faint/blackout.
"That girl was a total Aashna, as soon as she entered the room all the guys left"
by XxXIndianPussySlayer95XxX November 10, 2014
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