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In india, it means sky
the AAKASH is falling
by Aakash Shah September 12, 2006
Sexy, hot, attractive. May also be used as cool, fun to be around, awesome. Can be a word used to emphasize straightness.
You are soooo Aakash.
He's not gay... he's Aakash.
by John Smith9 October 11, 2007
Cool, sagacious, playa, intellectual, genius, polymath, anti-chun,
John:Hey you look Aakash today.
Bill: Thanks, I want to be Aakash everyday, not Jane.
John: You such a playa
too lazy for sex, so he just wants blowjobs.
man i tried to bone aakash last night, but he was too high and just wanted to bust in my mouth
by shelbiblahblah December 08, 2010
Indian for a big willy.
You have an aakash...OMG.
by Richard N October 25, 2005