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In india, it means sky
the AAKASH is falling
by Aakash Shah September 12, 2006
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Sexy, hot, attractive. May also be used as cool, fun to be around, awesome. Can be a word used to emphasize straightness.
You are soooo Aakash.
He's not gay... he's Aakash.
by John Smith9 October 11, 2007
Cool, sagacious, playa, intellectual, genius, polymath, anti-chun,
John:Hey you look Aakash today.
Bill: Thanks, I want to be Aakash everyday, not Jane.
John: You such a playa
too lazy for sex, so he just wants blowjobs.
man i tried to bone aakash last night, but he was too high and just wanted to bust in my mouth
by shelbiblahblah December 08, 2010
Indian for a big willy.
You have an aakash...OMG.
by Richard N October 25, 2005
A guy who is a prankster and likes to trick people even for the smallest things. Whenever people talk, he 'cuts' their speech in between to reveal his tricks, and hence is also informally called 'cutter'
He tricked us into believing that some dogs have three legs! Such an Aakash!
by thisISfun October 23, 2014

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