asian... duh... look at the cat
azncat aproves of this...
by Shtoink April 17, 2007
Asian people who want to act hardcore. They might actually be hardcore, but a lot of posers use it too.
AZN Mafia, mothafucka! u don't mess with this shit!
by anon October 21, 2003
azn, is just a short form for asians. To the the people who are saying 'people who are saying azn are stupid retarded freaks and are a disgrace' you may be wrong. Asians are diffrent , french people are diffrent and lebonese people are diffrent. Asians just want to be diffrent, you don't want to be normal because no one is normal. Just because your not like asians doesn't mean you have to be asians. Let them be, as I said your culture is as diffrent as thiers and you may no be used to it. I may not be one of those people but I don't really seem to care, I'm asian.
azn pride.
Asian pride.
by sunbliss September 11, 2006
a clearly superior race with roots in the center of Asia. The inventors of the wheelbarrow, paper, chopsticks, the umbrella, the kite, gunpowder, rockets, and the Chinese cloaking device.

Though there are myths and rumours of extreme psionic powers amongst asians, especially in China, this is not true. Many asians, however, do have psionic potential, which are dampened by the non-asian society currently infiltrating the world.

An example of this psionic potential would be Bruce Lee, who used his powers to perform martial arts moves to kick Chuck Norris's ass. Though he is not the only one, he is by far the most famous.
No examples are necessary for azn, as it is self-defining.
by Charles Jian July 26, 2006
Azn, A short way of Asian Pride..

People who prefer themselves with this doesn't have to be a moron, dropout, idiot, stupid school kid or anything like that.
There is also a thing such as "Azn Connection" which is a group that holds parties for people who are Asian.
1: Hey ! Are you gonna come to the Azn Party??
2: Hell yeah! what is the theme again?
1: The theme is a beach theme!
2: Cool! gotta buy some swim goggles and a plastic bucket!
1: ....................... -.-''' When i think about it.. don't come
by AznChoi July 26, 2009
AZN is JUST a short way of saying ASIAN and nothing more, people who think it means more are very mis-informed. Just cause some Asians dye there hair doesn't mean anything, it just means that they dyed their hair, not all asians need to have their hair jet black. Stereo-typing AZN as 'retarded Asians' is stupid, get your facts right.

Asian Pride is like having any kind of pride, all races have pride for their race, so why is Asian pride so damn different?

AND not ALL asian like to hang out and play DDR, I don't and I'm asian, so just cause some do doesn't mean ALL do
MIS-INFORMED:AZN are stupid Asians
Me:Shut the Fuck up
by -Actually Asian- January 19, 2006
Animal zoo noob

An AZN who can't control themselves and start cussing out crazily.
AZN : omfglol u hacker how the fk u did dat!? show me how u do it plzzz
by superubberduckier January 10, 2007

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