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an elctronic- rock band who's really KICK ASS! random fact: their lyrics never rhyme :s
by peoplesuck254 September 02, 2009
a person of asian decent (usually from california) who has an odd fixation ( that they take WAY too far) with their own race. ironically azn's know nothing about their heritage or culture, and when asked about it the main answer they give is that they invented technology=/
when in chat rooms asian's have unnessary reference's to their race such as: AZNista501, AzNgRl4LyFe, aznIam
by peoplesuck254 September 01, 2009
a disney channel star that isn't that good at singing but has made it through to the real world outside of disney without going to rehab, making a sex tape, attacking the papparazi, or sent naked pics to her boyfriend, only to have them leaked all over the internet. in fact you rarely ever hear of her at all.
i would say hilary duff's just chill, neutral even. but her voice still sucks o.O
by peoplesuck254 October 23, 2009

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