those "azn" children that "stick together" because god forbid something could happen to them because everyone knows that they are so discriminated against. if youre so proud of your asian heritage then go back to your country and tell us how wonderful your life is now
"dance dance revolution"
"we eat rice!"
wtf ... gah
by holy mother cracker May 22, 2004
screw u white pplz
by j0e mAmMa MilLianar January 10, 2003
TiTe a$$ aZn guY....
iM aZnpRydE....nD sKreW j00...wHiTe pPlZ
by j0o mAmMa MilLioNiAr January 10, 2003
an 'urban' term meaning proud of being asian..but when AZN's use's a dumb term..but when these 'ghetto' fags make up terms it's considered cool
azn pryde rules
by azn pryde November 29, 2003
gook pride
by tupac October 19, 2003
no, azn pryde is NOT a term used to describe us asians as "better than everyone else" just cuz we're asian.. it just means that we're prideful, proud of our culture, race.. and that we gotta stick together for all the discrimnation and stereotypes that other anti-asian people display.

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