Unlike "White Power" and "Black Power" I think it started out as a harmless fad back in the early and mid 90's where, all you had to have to have "azn pryde" was to be prideful of being an asian no matter what car you drove, or what music and movies to entertain yourself with, now with emergence of Anime and Chinese movies becomming Mainstreme, Asian pride is becomming a racist train of thought saying that Asians are supirior to Non-Asians. As Stokely Carmichael coined the term "Black Power" I do not know who first coined the term "azn pride" but modern "azn pryde" was probably founded upon by Jackie Chan and Zhang Ziyi
Police cop 1: I just saw some punk-ass Azn pryders take down the American flag, burned it and replaced it with the red china flag.

Police cop 2: Sadly we can't do anything about it, the liberals in congress are gonna fire us for being racist if we arrest them.
by The Harmeister June 08, 2005
stupid asian kids that try to act badass and themselves look like dumasses. all the asian people that claim "aZn pRYde" are nuthin but a bunch of ABC's who try to act like fobs but cant even speak chinese without a white boy's accent so sit your whitewashed asses down and let the real chinks talk
ABC: yo yo "aZn pRyDE" homie
RealChink: stfu you stupid twinkie
ABC: whoa wheres your "aZn PryDe" cuz
RealChink: gan ni nian de *walks away*
Abc:huh? wut that mean?
by u not diao June 05, 2006
The dipshits that haven't noticed they are virtually never discriminated against. Sexual preferences sometimes even lean in their favor. Certainly the least oppressed minority.
y0 WaSzuP!!! AzN pRyDe FoEvA!!!!!!11
by Anonymous September 14, 2003
hard-headed teenagers who think being asian is something cool enough to show off to EVERYBODYY and infect the whole internet with their lameness and worthlessness

being proud is cool, but asians make it lame by overdoing it
xxo0cUtExLilxAzn0oxx: wHo wUdnT wAnT 2 B aZn?? wE hAb dA bEsT SNs!!!
xXkPxgAnGsTaXx: hAyAn sAraM f0 sHiZzLy
by hairyfeet January 04, 2004
a farce concept used by asian kids who like to be clones of one another to make fun of indian, chinese, japanese kids (i.e. kids who know what country they originate from rather than having to use a whole continent) who are not obsessed with fashion, do not only listen to r'n'b, do not only hang around with other 'azn' kids and study what they are passionate about rather than what their parents tell them to.
typical 'azn' kid = azn
me = me

azn: man innit y u lk lyk a trmp?
me: i didn't realise tramps had a choice in what they wear
azn: y u dnt lstn 2 jay sean? he buff innit
me: i tend to listen to things that help me with my vocabulary. and i read so i can spell.
azn: wer 2 kl 2 read innit. u iz no azn. we da azn cru. i iz gna ignore u cz u nt azn enuf. azn pryde!
me: riight...
by christ August 26, 2005
Well, first of all you have to be retarded to follow a trend like this. As it has been said before they talk LyKE DiZ y0 using numbers and stuff in a pitiful attempt to be l33t or 1337. They also tend to travel in packs, much like wolves, or other primitive animals. AzN pRyDe basically means "I am a dumbass. I watch anime and fondle myself. BUT IM PROUD OF IT!! IT IZ TEH R0X0R!!" Ok. Just shut up. Christ.
xx2120xxLiLAzNbOixx2120xx: EyE JuS LuB DeS AzN BoIz N gUrLz Y0 SnAp FoRwAfFlE
xxAzNpRiNzEzZxx0213: OmG dId U C De Yu yU HaKiShO MaRiThOn YeStUrDaE?
by Brayne N/A July 03, 2005
its when ur asian. aNd jOo tYpE lYkE dIz
and u think your black but you boast about being asian. not all asians are bad. but they really need to stop talking like their black because theyre not.
azn guy: yO aZn PrYde till I dYe, Fo shizzle! ma nizzle dizzle!
me: i hope you get ebola one day. you dirtbag
azn guy: wut fOO?! dOnT bEe hAtin~! FuCc yOo *signs off on aim*
by raucous August 16, 2004
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