a Slang Word Derived for the Us Term "absent with out leave" (or something like that) used to state that some object has gone wrong.

also used because of its sound, because of it sounding like someone having a temporary error in their speech.
the chair when AWOL.

My microwave when AWOL
by The Real Lord Mervren Barron January 15, 2009
escaped from millitary or otherwise not present where one is expected to be (from Absent without leave)
My friends were AWOL because they supposedly had too much homework to go Hershey park, even for one day.
by LightJoker February 01, 2006
Acronym, stands for "Anal WithOut Lube".

The act of putting your willy up a girl's bumhole without some form of lubrication. Usually results in a torn banjo string.
That Nanpantan bird let me take her up the dirtbox, but I was AWOL so my cock is covered in friction burns.
by Stroker Ace June 22, 2005
Acronym for "A Waste Of Life".
Jonathan's nickname is AWOL, 'cause all he does all day is turn radio dials.
by David R. Gahary August 13, 2005
The act of going mad or angry
God, when he heard what his friend had been saying, he went totally awol
by Bobbus Dobbus May 25, 2005
An alternate acronym for AOL used to describe it's service. This use of AWOL originated from the idea that all of AOL's redeeming features are habitually Absent Without Leave.
"D@mn, AWOL is really laggy today."
by Cunjo July 23, 2004
Also A. Wol

Based on the protagonist (Andrew Wol) of Jamie Kirchner's novel A. WOL Skipping the Program.

1. Used to describe behavior that undermines authority.
1. I'm 'bout to go awol.
by Nicole P September 04, 2005
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