ALL wheel drive. this is when all wheels are spinning for better handling.
My awd will smoke your rwd in any turns
by wizkah April 05, 2010
Average White Dick
"Not huge, not small but an AWD"
by Knightro January 11, 2010
Attention Whore Disease. Trying to get too much attention. By trying to hard.
This chick in class sneezed and made a moaning sound after. She has the AWD.
by ThatBeech November 12, 2010
All Wheel Drive. On road, it helps cars handle better, but off road (which should be the real application of vehicles with a front transfer case), it is completely and utterly useless. Most AWD systems use IFS, which is another shitty design which should never have been invented for use with anything but 2wd cars.
Hey, that AWD Subaru can corner tight, but otherwise is Jap Crap.
by C. J. June 19, 2006
A butt scratching good time.
The kegger last night was such an AWD.
by Winston Peacock December 13, 2004

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