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Offroad means to travel offroad
That last split decision when you decide you don't want to go through the tunnel or over the overpass or by pass the toll booth by jumping the concrete mediun strip at 100k's good thing your fourby has long travel in the suspension or otherwise your wheels and diffs will be left behind ~ or ~ overtaking that damned semi thats holding you up by cutting the corner (left hand bend) and cutting through the truck stop on the side of the road to squeeze past, or overtaking two vehicles travelling parrallel to each other by driving up the middle of them causing them to go offroad.
by rootyou May 07, 2006
Using a 4x4 vehicle, ATV or motorcycle to travel on trails other than paved roads and maintained dirt roads.

Also offroading, offroader.
We got a Jeep so we could go offroad.
by OffroadGirl September 08, 2004
The act of driving off of a paved road, often causing expensive damage to the vehicle.
We went offroading at the ranch, and got a flat tire.
by G Money January 28, 2003
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