All Wheel Drive. On road, it helps cars handle better, but off road (which should be the real application of vehicles with a front transfer case), it is completely and utterly useless. Most AWD systems use IFS, which is another shitty design which should never have been invented for use with anything but 2wd cars.
Hey, that AWD Subaru can corner tight, but otherwise is Jap Crap.
by C. J. June 19, 2006
Top Definition
To have all 4 wheels of a vehicle move at the same time while powered by the drivetrain. Commonly found on most Subaru motor vehicles, they help to attain some sick-ass 60's.
"Fucking launch that AWD shit."
"We got AWD we'll rip you out of the whole, bitch."
"AWD is tits."
by Cali4niaBreez September 25, 2005
AWD means All Wheel Drive.
"The beauty of AWD"
by ings dc5 January 14, 2004
It refers to the meaning Asian While Driving.
Omg, AWD! Get the hell away!
by justanotherasiankid December 16, 2007
Remarkable drive system supplying equal drive to the front and rear for possibly the best handling ON PAVEMENT. Offroad using AWD can be a heartache because if you hit a muddy patch on one side and dry on the other the dry side will spin more than the muddy side(mud creates more resistance than a dry surface and the AWD treats the mud like a corner letting the dry side spin more) thus pulling the car into the mud. With Four wheel drive all of the tires will spin at the same speed eliminating this problem. AWD cars are not built for offroading anyways due to low ground clearance and weak frame.
AWD capability varies on different but consistant surfaces such as gravel, wet pavement, glare ice but in general does better than rear or front wheel drive.
4x4 > AWD

Subaru imprezas, Ford fusions, etc. ARE ALL WHEEL DRIVE AND CANNOT DRIVE OFFROAD.( Rally is not offroad is is racing on a gravel road or maintained dirt road )
Cars makers that use AWD include:
Subaru, Lamborghini, Suzuki, Ford(Just the Fusion)
by Pvt.Parts November 07, 2006
After Work Drinks - A block of time to meet up with buddies in a bar, at the end of the business day, for a few adult beverages.
Gents - Thursday AWD's....who's in?
by Hillcrest October 23, 2012
"AWDS" are the most used keys in PC games, especially in FPS's and RP games.

The keys are laid out and pressed like this:

Q 2 E
1 4 3

Respectively it is the left hand layout: 1=ring finger, 2=middle finger, 3=index finger (respectively), and 4=middle finger (after pressing 2).

Usually in these games these keys are pressed when the player is about to reply to a message but soon becomes busy and can not reply with a proper message, FORGETS TO DELETE/SEND MESSAGE AND IS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHY HE CANNOT MOVE! :O ... then realises :/

Because the player is pressing all those keys so many times it can look like this: awdsawdsawds
(sometimes jumbled but also this makes "sawd" - just another way of saying this combination)
In game
Nub: Oi! you there?
Noob: awdswadsawasdwssaw
Nub: -_-
by Hardcore Shadow October 08, 2007
Average White Dick
"Not huge, not small but an AWD"
by Knightro January 11, 2010
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