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A true Japanese head turner.

A sports car made to compete with Toyota Supra, Mazda Rx-7, Nissan Skyline, and Nissan 300zx. Known to be a Heavy car due to the tougher material on the body but the strong engine backs up for it. 1st generations are made until 1993 and 2nd generations were built until 2001.

The car comes in Base model, SL (Sport Luxury), VR-4 (Twin Turbo). The car itself looks very beautiful and is designed to compete with other sports cars. The interior is also luxurious on the VR-4 and the SL version offering Leather seats, heated mirrors, projector fog lights, etc.

The SL model has been questioned because it has too much torque and horsepower to be a front wheel drive but it has a standard ESC (sport mode) button that stiffens up the suspension.

The VR-4 has also been somewhat criticized for being too overpriced for having exact same features (except for aerodynamics control) as the SL version but the POWER of the car makes up for the price.
My 3000gt will smoke 4 cylinder Hondas any day.
by wizkah June 25, 2009
1986 corolla. many consider this to be the original drift car. not enough power on the stock engine but the light chasis makes the car have very good potential when engine work is done right
yea.. i have an ae86. I don't have vtec but can you drift in that pos?
by wizkah April 05, 2010
2000-2003 Honda S2000's which revs up to 9000 rpm which is a lot better compared to 2004-2009 Honda S2000's (AP2) which rev only upto 8300 rpm. One of the few cars in the market that can rev very high. Many people prefer AP1's over the AP2's because it is a lot more rugged and fun to drive. However, the appearance of the car compared to the AP2 is becoming to look old fashioned. The car runs on inline 4, F20c, 2.0 liter engine and produces more than 100 horsepowers per liter which is an amazing technology that Honda can make.
My Ap1 will take your Ap2 any day in performance. and plus my Ap1 will give eargasm when hitting 9000 rpm.
by wizkah June 11, 2009
ALL wheel drive. this is when all wheels are spinning for better handling.
My awd will smoke your rwd in any turns
by wizkah April 05, 2010

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