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As Weird As Possible: As Weird As Possible cannot be defined in Websters Dictionary, it cannot be pinpointed on a map, and it cannot be found in a textbook. It's about the experiences and events you've encountered that you simply have no words for. It is a euphoric feeling, unlike any other, and when nothing else describes it, IT IS AWAP.
Let loose, get wild, don't judge, don't care what anyone thinks of you, be loud, make a statement, be you, define yourself, don't be afraid to let go, have the night of your life and get AWAP.
by GETAWAP May 15, 2013
As White As Possible
When the policeman was following our car, we all decided to roll awap, turning our hats to the front, pulling up our pants, and turning down the stereo.
by Nasty Nathanial November 12, 2009
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