(Assonet Village Pizza) abbreviation. A famous pizza place in the town of Assonet, Massachusetts in the USA. Often joked about in rap videos and by the locals of Assonet and the surrounding towns.
"Dude lets totally go to avp, I need some buffalo chicken pizza and a nantucket nectars"
by Jeffrey Scudder October 26, 2006
AVP refers to the classical struggle between a mother and her children (alien) versus the innately child molesting man (predator). So called because the instincts and emotions of family are "alien" to men who only seem want to get to the females before they are ready to date (thus pre-dater or sex predator).
We had to call the police to take care of another AVP situation in the downstairs apartments last night.
by dudelookslikeachimp December 29, 2007
Alien Versus Predator... a kick ass movie. The stupid humans need the predators to kill all of the aliens that the stupid predators created in ancient times to use as target practice. Back then, if the 3 predators trying toprove their might died, a giant beam would shoot down to earth and destroy everything so the aliens couldnt escape.
I watched AVP 14 times.
by Q-Y January 23, 2005
Thought of by many to stand for 'Automated Vehicle Processing System'. I have found during extensive study and implementation of this topic that is stands for Bugger All.
Our AVPS project is a fucking waste of time.
by Lee Crossley April 19, 2005

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