Nathan Fillion created the acronym ATW, which is short for: All The Way. It is often used in conjunction with another one of his phrases: ATS, which is short for Across The Sky.

It means that which is:

•to infinity and beyond

•across the universe

•to the nth degree

•all the way throughout the world

•forever and ever
Here are some usage examples for ATW (All The Way) including some paraphrased from NathanFillion] on his Twitter page:

Why are you so awesome? "Because I'm Double Rainbow ATW. (All The Way)."

The TV shows Castle and Firefly are so intense, they are Double Rainbow, ATW. (All The Way)."

Serenity is so vivid, it's Double Rainbow, ATW! (All The Way)!

Having a Captain Hammer musical would be Double Rainbow, ATW! (All The Way!)

The brilliance of Nathan Fillion is so intense, it's Full On Double Rainbow, All The Way Across The Sky! (FO DR ATW ATS!) (These can be combined into one acronym: FODRATWATS!)
by Kcat10 August 01, 2010
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ATW sometimes written or spelled out "All The Way!" is a motivational phrase, expression or motto often used in the Special Operations and Airborne Community.
"Rangers Lead the Way Sir!" and the response would be "All The Way!". Or "ATW" Sir! and the response would be "Airborne!"
by 2-321 AFAR April 11, 2013
Internet or texting shorthand for "Double Rainbow All the Way" referencing the popular internet meme in the summer of 2010. Used to convey pleasure or satisfaction.
Via text:

Todd: "Hey Brian, I finally got those tickets for the concert."

Brian: ((ATW!
by stickyalf August 05, 2010
According to wikipedia.
Urban Dictionary is an online Internet dictionary whose definitions are written by users.

according to me, it is the best thing ever.
by bryan C. June 23, 2007
ATW stands for alt tab window, the window you set up to alt+tab into while doing NSFW stuff in an environment where you could be caught
Hey why'd you get fired

Doing NSFW stuff without setting up an ATW first

Ah yep
by pj:bolo November 14, 2010
All the way (internet abbreviation)
For your favorite band, "Yeah man, Linkin Park atw!!"
by Daniel123456789 June 19, 2010
Short for "Attention whore"

Usually used in forums where a user opens a thread for the sole purpose of attracting people's attention and/or provoke envy.
User 1: Hey, i bought a new laptop! Do you want to see it?

User 2: ATW
by albertsab April 06, 2009
Meaning: All The Way
ryan: Dude! Lets Play the New Call of Duty!

Jim: Call Of Duty ATW!
by adeelies November 15, 2009

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