Short for "Attention whore"

Usually used in forums where a user opens a thread for the sole purpose of attracting people's attention and/or provoke envy.
User 1: Hey, i bought a new laptop! Do you want to see it?

User 2: ATW
by albertsab April 06, 2009
The 'ATW', otherwise known as the 'Aggressive Techno Wank', is an act of male self-gratification performed in times of energy fuelled masterbation requirement, and generally consists of a combination of one or more of the following:

-loud techno/trance/electro/drum&bass music either played through earphones or speakers
-isolation from other humans (see below for the reasons for this, regarding the ATW dance)
-dimmed, or alternatively disco, lighting
-an arm with a functioning hand for enhanced performance is preferable
-the ATW dance (each ATW participant will have his own version of this depending on preference and practice)

The ATW dance requirements and techniques are outlined here:
-standing up, legs wide apart, knees bent
-one arm held out from the body (much like if one was about to high-5 somebody, or if one was a rodeo rider)
-other arm strategically positioned on the knob
-look of determination/concentration on the face
-tug away for three or four beats of the song (rapidly), then perform the following manoeuvre (known as the 'ATW interchange');
-jump slightly of the ground
-whilst in mid air swap the 'tugging' arm and the 'high-5/rodeo' arm around
-upon landing, carry on for 3 or four beats in the new position and repeat the manoeuvre as many times as desired by the athelete
-isolation is key; flailing arms pose a threat to innocent bystanders
Contestant 1: ''Hey buddy where are you off to?''

Contestant 2: ''Oh hi man, I'm just off to my room for an ATW''

Contestant 1: ''I see. Are you doing the ATW dance today?''

Contestant 2: ''You bet.''
by thegoodtimeeducator November 09, 2009
According to Wikipedia

Generally used to indicate that the speaker is completely ignorant of the subject, but understands how to browse the web.
"AtW I have Asperger's Syndrome. That's why I act like such an asshole."
by ledgekindred August 20, 2007
All Things Weezer--a message board found on the official weezer site. Many fans of the band come here to discuss weezer for hours on end. More fans, however, chose to come to the disturbingly addictive ATNW message board.
ATW is a very boring board due to its lack of new subject material.
by weezilyamused July 07, 2004
Short for "All The Way"
To take something to the fullest extreme is to take it ATW.
Man she went ATW.
Man that beotch was peakin ATW!
by i2k November 30, 2003
Nathan Fillion created the acronym ATW, which is short for: All The Way. It is often used in conjunction with another one of his phrases: ATS, which is short for Across The Sky.

It means that which is:

•to infinity and beyond

•across the universe

•to the nth degree

•all the way throughout the world

•forever and ever
Here are some usage examples for ATW (All The Way) including some paraphrased from NathanFillion] on his Twitter page:

Why are you so awesome? "Because I'm Double Rainbow ATW. (All The Way)."

The TV shows Castle and Firefly are so intense, they are Double Rainbow, ATW. (All The Way)."

Serenity is so vivid, it's Double Rainbow, ATW! (All The Way)!

Having a Captain Hammer musical would be Double Rainbow, ATW! (All The Way!)

The brilliance of Nathan Fillion is so intense, it's Full On Double Rainbow, All The Way Across The Sky! (FO DR ATW ATS!) (These can be combined into one acronym: FODRATWATS!)
by Kcat10 August 01, 2010
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