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ass to mouth
fuck her in the ass and she sucks your cock clean, also go back and forth from ass to mouth.
by theboss December 23, 2003
Poesed is a synonym for getting smacked or him by something.
"that cricket ball Poesed him in the face"

"I would have Poesed him but my name isn't Callum"
by TheBoss May 03, 2014
1. Used to describe something awesome or incredible
1. Man, that was totally akeviny.
by Theboss March 16, 2012
An altogether higher state of boredom. There's being bored, and then there is being uberbored.

Constructed from the words uber, often used as a substitute for 'very' or 'ultimate; and bored, which is what I get Monday to Friday, 9 to 5...
When you are at work and enter a higher state of boredom where anything other than the task at hand seems more appealing.

by theboss March 30, 2005
this is the proper spelling for fisting, most of the definitions are correct. the more obscene one's are probably mopre correct.
same as above
by theboss December 23, 2003
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