Abbreviation for Atlanta, Georgia. Usually referred to by rappers. Home of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and the Varsity Restruant. Best city in the South besides Columbia, South Carolina.
We Repin' the A.T.L. playa.
by David Havird March 23, 2005
Acronym for pop-punk band, All Time Low.

WHO are the members?
Alex Gaskarth - lead vocals, guitar
Jack Barakat - guitar, backup vocals
Rian Dawson - drums
Zack Merrick - bass, backup vocals

WHAT have they done?
The Three Words to Remember In Dealing With the End - 2004 EP
The Party Scene - 2005 Album
Put Up or Shut Up - 2006 EP
So Wrong It's Right - 2007 Album

WHEN did they get signed?
2004-2006 : Emerald Moon Records
2006-Present : Hopeless Records

WHERE did they come from?
Lutherville-Timonium, Marlyand (near Baltimore)

WHY should I care?
If you like any of the following bands, you should care:
The Academy Is...
Amber Pacific
Boys Like Girls
Cobra Starship
Cute Is What We Aim For
The Dangerous Summer
Every Avenue
Fall Out Boy
Forever the Sickest Kids
Friday Night Boys
Hit The Lights
Jack's Mannequin
Just Surrender
The Maine
Mayday Parade
New Found Glory
This Providence
We The Kings
...& many, many more
sarahATL: Hey, you're an ATL fan!

SoWrongItsJenn: Yeah. All Time Low is my all time high!
by tanister February 02, 2009
Nickname for Atlanta, Georgia.
Atl is the largest city in the south.
by Jersey kid February 13, 2008
Acronym for the band All Time Low.
Members are Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Rian Dawson, and Zack Merrick
ATL for President '08
by ymeganmoxie April 28, 2008
Birthplace of true pimps worldwide.
I'm from dat true ATL.
by Big Smoke Dogg November 18, 2003
all time low
dude 1 -hey wanna listen to some ATL

dude 2- whos ATL

dude1 - ALL TIME LOW
by abbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbi August 04, 2009
ATL: Above The Law
"Are you incarcerated or just living that ATL life?"
by laurenavery July 30, 2013

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