initials for All Time Low; used when one feels extreme depression, loneliness, or just plain fucking sad
I'm fucking ATL 24-7.
by ATL President March 31, 2003
An "obreviation" for Atlanta. Even though Atlanta is not ghetto whatsoever, (I should know, I live here) many rappers are from here, so they pretend that the ATL is the most ghetto place in America. Don't worry, Atlanta is the most safe place you will ever be. An awesome city, I love it.
Hey, what part of the ATL are you from?
by southern style round here May 14, 2006
abbreviation for atlanta georgia
suk my dik suk my dik im from da atl hoe
by Eli Livingston August 24, 2005
Active Template Library in C++
by Wickedbomb April 04, 2003
abbreviation for "Above The Line" advertising
old school advertising agencies provide only ATL support to thier clients
by rachna dhall August 03, 2004
A RnB group wich one member from tha Group is from Atlanta,Ga
by B-Dub October 06, 2003
Above The Law
I'm the mann! I above the law!
by eee April 16, 2003
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