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The stock symbol for Amercrombie and Fitch
ANF stock is $84 per share
by Kevin21boston November 12, 2006
An acronym for Abercrombie & Fitch, derived from its stock symbol which is also ANF.
That anf chick is so damn hot!
by googooboi March 14, 2004
Accute Nigger Fit. When a black person looses all meaning of self control and has a histerical breakdown always resulting in a trip to the emergency room.
person 1: Did you hear about LaRonda?
person 2: NO.
person 1: She got herself a A.N.F. at Big Boy's funrel, dey had to take her to the hospital.
by james_boy_on_mars November 30, 2008
An E or Ecstasy pill asked for by Dyslexics
What was everyone At the Dyslexic Rave on?

An F!

by APPLEBY-QUOTES October 04, 2008
Abbreviated term for anal fisting. Especially helpful when discussing your nightly anal fisting activities in an inappropriate setting.
I told Rob all about how I anfed his sister while sitting next to maya angelou at the essence awards
by bonecity dj July 10, 2008
a.n.f. always n forever. mainly used after something that will always be forever and ever. shortend anf for txt or chat purposes.
boy: ily
girl: anf?

boy: yes anf :)

girl: ill luv u anf too :)
by tnemanf July 26, 2009
Acute Negro(sic) Fit: An apparent gran mall seizure characterized by a general flailing of arms and legs, aphasia and spasticity.
" Could have been epilepsy but the smelling salts snapped her right out of it. Another A.N.F. diagnosed and cured."
by J.E. Walker April 27, 2003