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The most addictive yet frustrating TV show in the last decade.

This show is like a boy in elementary school who tells a small lie and to make that lie more legitimate he tells some more lies to cover up and at the end he has one hell of a BS story that nobody will believe.
Lost rules, but everytime I watch it I wonder why I am doing so.
by kevin21boston November 13, 2006
The teenage hangout spot in many American small towns.
John: "Do you want to go cow tipping?"

Joe John: "Yeah, I'll meet you at Wal Mart."
by kevin21boston November 02, 2006
The stock symbol for Amercrombie and Fitch
ANF stock is $84 per share
by Kevin21boston November 12, 2006
the downfall of society.
pre AIM- Hello sir, how are you doing?

post AIM- fuck you.
by kevin21boston October 02, 2006
The best flavor of any tasty treat.
I love plain M&Ms.

I love plain jellybeans.
by Kevin21boston November 12, 2006
Quite possibly the stupidest corporation in the country. Their company is dying right in front of them and what do they do?


see: Ford Expedition EL

For future reference, Ford stock (NYSE: F) is at $8.00 per share at the time of this definition.
Ford sucks, buy a Chevy.
by kevin21boston November 02, 2006

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