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Similar to OMG (Oh My God), a difference in semantics (or typo), makes AMG similar to Ah My God, or Ah Mah Gah.
AMG, I r teh 1337!!!one!!!eleven!!one!11!
by Laz November 16, 2004
Mercedes-Benz's small performance division. Takes regular Mercedes's, adds new wheels, a really powerful handbuild and assembled engine, and probably a new air dam and exhaust tips.
This AMG is the fastest, most well built car on earth.
by Scott January 20, 2004
Girl's way of pronouncing OMG (oh my god). It is pronounced Ah My God! or Ah Mah Gawd!
"AMG, these guys were trying to hit on me during chemistry today!"
"AMG, I bet they were trying to stick their test tubes into your skirt!"
by Nytesdawn August 02, 2012
The letters AMG stands for Amazing motherfucking G-ride

This acronym was created November 17, 2012 during a heated discussion in Malmö between two Babbar residents in Lund.

the truth
damn!! thats a fine AMG
by The truth2012 November 17, 2012
"AMGs are sweet cars!"
by guest August 29, 2003
Ah! My Goddess japanese anime series and manga.
I watched AMG last evening.
by SolRobot May 31, 2007
(adj.)applied to one's music taste; the taste in question shows signs of having been artifically contrived (probably for ostentatious and poseurly purposes) not by actually listening to the music that makes it up, but by random surfing on certain websites that list bands connected by similarities in sound and genre.
that little dilettante's tastes look good on paper precisely because they're so AMG
by Chris Cliche July 12, 2004
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