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Acronym for Assume Good Faith. Usage accelerated by Wikipedians because AGF is one of the pillars of editing.
When you critique an article on Wikipedia, AGF on the part of the contributors.
by hobrarian March 18, 2007
agf bascially means A girl friend
person 1: hey, have u got agf?
person 2: a goldfish?
by Joe Pane January 25, 2007
A Genuine Fuck
BFF1 says to BFF2 about BFF3: I couldnt give an AGF about what she said or wore to last night.....I just looked better and he should have been with me!!!
by PSaCake September 22, 2015
Stands for "Amber's Goofy Face" but can be used for anyone. It's used when you do something stupid or embarrassing. You can also make a face to go along with it. Like a "durrrr" face.

Originated because of a picture with a girl making a VERY "goofy" face and a face that seemed to fit any situation where you did something completely stupid or embarrassing. So instead of making a face everytime you do something stupid/embarrassing, you can jus say "AGF."
Guy One: "Dude, where's the remote at?" **searches all over**

Guy Two: "Dude, it's in your hand you idiot."

Guy One: "Ahaha, AGF AGF!"
by Luis/Hailey August 24, 2008
the massive fart in the morning after a big night on the booze, caution must be taken when unleashing an agf as it may follow through and become an unexpected agb
i need to change my sheets after an agf went wrong this morning.
by Simon J May 04, 2005
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