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Second largest city of Denmark, but witth densier population. Known for starting trends, and is generally more cool and sub-cultural than Copenhagen. The city of a thousand café's. Home of football team AGF. Great architecture in inner city, lots of ghettos in the suburbs. Very old viking-town some 1000 years old.

The average age of residents in Aarhus are a lot younger than the rest of Denmark, mainly due to it's huge university.
Living is quite expensive in Aarhus. I'm going to a heavy metal gig in Aarhus
by The Travelling Drunk September 01, 2011
The second city in the country of Denmark this 1000 year old Viking town has 300.000+ residents. The Hipster City of the nation, comparable to the district of Vesterbro, Copenhagen, this city is young and vibrant, intellectuals, hipsters and political correct people all over the place.

The city is beautiful though, especially at nighttime. Thousands of cafe's, pubs and restaurants open all hours. Nightclubs, stripclubs and concert venues are found within the city, and there's always something to do in Aarhus.
I'm going to the great city by the sea, to visit my old university-friends in Aarhus
by LordAA April 12, 2012

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