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To have sexual intercourse doggie style with a girl who proceeds to vomit.
Tina gave Jerry an After Dinner Mint and left his carpet a mess.
by Ale House September 25, 2007
The cigarette a smoker craves after eating.
Man that Jimmy Johns sub hit the spot! I need an after dinner mint!
by the.hatter March 02, 2007
Term used for partaking in some perscription only smoking. After a meal of course!
After we eat, we need to have a after dinner mint!
by 420 with a script! February 03, 2010
When a man has sex wearing a condom, finishes in it, and then uses the condom like a slingshot to project the load into the girl's face.
After banging your sister I totally gave her an after dinner mint - It got all over her face!
by AndesMints June 11, 2011
a small bowl usually packed after a substantially large toke session
"yo im fucked up but i could use an after dinner mint if u know what i mean"
by drugs are good March 23, 2003