away from game
I'm afg. I'll be back on in 5 minutes.
by pxs1919 November 12, 2010

Or a 14-18 year old Afghan boy's interpretation of what it means to be an Afghan. Usually dress in clothes which wouldn't fit their fathers; spike their hair up like John Gotti's grandchildren, love to attend all ages club events (even the overage ones), proclaim themselves to be gangsters or "Gs" (when in actual fact they usually live in the suburbs) and carry an Afghan flag wherever they go.
AFG - "Yo dawg, whaddup b?"
Regular person - "Stop posing"
by Alex em June 11, 2008
afg meaning afghans (people from aghanistan). people from afghanistan used to desribe themsleves,
for example
afg for life man......
by loverssecret June 01, 2006
AFG surpasses the level of anything else you may have heard of or seen. Chuck Norris cowers at the sight of this individual. AFG's actions are characterized as being "alldayeveryday". Awesome feats such as winning a connect four game in 3 turns are one of many examples of what AFG does. In short, AFG is super strong, super cool, and super everything else.
Person 1: AFG? All day everyday
Person 2: Yeah AFG AFG AFG alldayeverydayalldayeverydayalldayalldayalldayeveryday
by nahahaha October 25, 2011
away from game
I'm afg. I'll be back on in 5 minutes.
by pxs1919 November 12, 2010
short for authentic frontier gibberish, as spoken by Gabby Hayes in the movie "Blazing Saddles".

Currently used by members of the Tea Party in decrying the state of affairs in our nation. Characterized by longing for a return to the gold standard, anglo-saxon cultural supremacy, and the return of Johnny Carson to late-night television.
Rick Perry, when speaking about the Federal Reserve Board, engaged in some real afg.

Did you hear the afg coming out of Michelle Bachmann in the Presidential debates last night?
by OK Avenger August 16, 2011
Natives of the homeland Afghanistan. Many proclaim to be "hot shit", though to their surprise, most see them to be complete losers. Furthermore, the men are absolute homo dressing perverts, whereas the girls are overly cocky, slutty home wreckers. Their 60% high school drop out rate is quite justifiable as they are too busy thinking about themselves and how amazing "AFGS" are. AFG men enjoy borrowing clothing from their mothers and sisters, which is so tight that you can see their ass crack (not a pretty site). After borrowing clothing from their mothers and sisters, they hang out in large groups with their old, ugly cars from their fathers mechanic shops and like to try and pick up girls, even though girls think they're absolute fucking homos.

It is quite clear that very few are successful, as most work as untrained mechanics, pizza makers and cashiers in convenient store. The elite go on to become local singers, singing at local weddings while their fellow "AFG's dance like absolute retards.
Please visit your local convenient store or pizza store for examples of "AFG's".
by asdub November 19, 2009

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