meaning Absolute Fucking Garbage, or after fucked girls. Immigrant poor afghans who come to Canada start off decent then all of a sudden after a year they think they run Canada with all there afgans friends. They think there black, theyre fucking ILLITERATE. There all perverts, They all need to stop saying "afg's da best". They make crap afghan raps put it on youtube and hope to get famous. There girls are CAKED To the max. They fight cheap and play cheap, there cocky. There just fucking gayasses. Most of them are high school drop outs
Some afghan fag - AFG"S DA BESTT
Black guy- then why the fuck are u not in afghanistan for pussy? and stop tryna be liek uss
by kanz2334 January 05, 2010
the most flyest pride in the whole world, if you fuck with one, you fuck with all. Afgz stick together and is styll the most sickkest pride ever.
yoo mann, the girl is afg, we better not mess with her..u nnoe how they say when u fuck with one afg, u fuck with all..
by weeziiee f babiiee March 02, 2008
Away From Game

Another mutation of AFK
I got some HW to do so; AFG
by Anno-Mus October 09, 2007
Used by people from the middle east to represent them self.

AFG = A Fucking Goat

AFG = A Fucking Goat
by Allah Allah August 12, 2008
An Acronym meaning Absolute Fucking Garbage, first used when describing a movie released by Disney called MVP, or Most Valuable Primate. In proper context, AFG can be used to describe extreme dissatisfaction recieved from a product or service, or a lose/lose situation.
This movie is AFG. It's worse then Hitler.
by Krunk! December 05, 2003

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