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Natives of the homeland Afghanistan. Many proclaim to be "hot shit", though to their surprise, most see them to be complete losers. Furthermore, the men are absolute homo dressing perverts, whereas the girls are overly cocky, slutty home wreckers. Their 60% high school drop out rate is quite justifiable as they are too busy thinking about themselves and how amazing "AFGS" are. AFG men enjoy borrowing clothing from their mothers and sisters, which is so tight that you can see their ass crack (not a pretty site). After borrowing clothing from their mothers and sisters, they hang out in large groups with their old, ugly cars from their fathers mechanic shops and like to try and pick up girls, even though girls think they're absolute fucking homos.

It is quite clear that very few are successful, as most work as untrained mechanics, pizza makers and cashiers in convenient store. The elite go on to become local singers, singing at local weddings while their fellow "AFG's dance like absolute retards.
Please visit your local convenient store or pizza store for examples of "AFG's".
by asdub November 19, 2009

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