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Away From Controller, the online console gamers equal to AFK. Since their are no keyboards, when some one goes idle in game they are said to be, afc.
OneGuy: Why the hell isn't UDSting moving?
OtherDude: Nubcake is AFC. Sh^t!
by UDSting August 14, 2005
The afc is a group of people originating from the mean streets of Winnipeg Manitoba who wish to rid the world of Aids. The Aids fight club (AFC) started with Just 2 members, two real mean gangsta's. Their names are kept secret to stop the AAFC (ANTI AIDS FIGHT CLUB) from shutting them down.

The AFC fights (obviously) people with Aids if they do not stay away from sexual relationships and/or remove their genetalia.
Yo homedawg with aids, have you had sex lately?

Naw man i dont' want the AFC to kill me.
by Berni Mack August 04, 2005
The gang That Runs Aurora And Is gunna be On Top all day
Finest on Top Aurora's Finest Crew
damn AFC is going to the party dont start problems with the cuz than theyll beat our ass
by finest May 26, 2008
so chill that polar bears shake
hes so afc, all the girls flock to him
by adfc June 09, 2007