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when you lose a lot of weight due to missing meals, because you play too much call of duty
Guy 1: Dude, have you lost weight?
Guy 2: Yeah, after Black Ops came out, I went back on the COD diet.
by papa_squat_0516 December 19, 2010
When you say the name of a popular brand with no intention of advertising for that product
Yo, I could go for a Pepsi, no promo.
by papa_squat_0516 December 07, 2010
a hand-job given in a location so cold, it must be administered by someone wearing mittens
Guy 1: Man, me and my girl were mackin' in my car last night, but it was so cold that when the time came she had to give me a woolly pully.

Guy 2: Nice.
by papa_squat_0516 March 26, 2011
Used to replace the word "fuck". Most effective in places where use of the f-word word is not acceptable. (ie. work, school, parent's house)
Shut the balls up you mother-ballser!
by papa_squat_0516 March 14, 2011
away from controller. console adaptation of the term afk (away from keyboard)
Guy 1:Dude, wtf happened, you said you could hold down B flag?!
Guy 2: Oh, sorry, i went afc for a couple of minutes. I was texting my gf.
by papa_squat_0516 October 25, 2011
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