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Acronym for "Up The Ass"
Dude 1: How far did you get with my sister last night?

Dude 2: Fucked her UTA!
by monkeytumble May 07, 2011
Acceptable terminology in a public setting to use to refer to someone as a "cock gobbler" or "cock sucker".
Father: Son, how's the new job?

Son: It's OK, but my boss is a rooster turkey.
by monkeytumble April 10, 2008
To have ones anus violated, fucked Up The Ass (UTA), or boned Up The Ass (UTA).
I'm boned UTA, I flunked calculus and will loose my scholarship.
by monkeytumble March 18, 2010
Acronym for "Ass Fucking Cock Sucker"
Wife: The AFCS strikes again...

Husband: Your fucking kidding me, you have to work this weekend too?

by monkeytumble April 10, 2008

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