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An organization one may think is a sad parody of the ACLU but is indeed a real organization that is the exact opposite of the ACLU. The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) was founded by fundamentalist Christian televangelist Pat Robertson to turn the United States into a theocracy via the Supreme Court. It is currently run by fellow neoconservative Jay Sekulow and headquartered in Washington DC (next door to the National Pro-life Action Center and right down the street from the courts, no less).

It is a known fact that many students from Robertson's Regent University start their political careers by interning at this organization.
After the ACLJ sued my school district we were forced to say prayers to Jesus every morning before class. Fuck you, ACLJ.
by ConservatismSucks December 04, 2009
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American Center for Law and Justice: a radical fundie organization that mocks the ACLU while attacking the Bill of Rights
While the ACLU works to defend the Bill of Rights and keep America free, the ACLJ works to destroy the Bill of Rights. The ACLJ hates free speech and freedom of religion their goal is to abolish freedom and democracy and establish a theocracy in America
by Michael_Hunt August 04, 2009

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