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Christian university started by televangelist Pat Robertson. Originally called "CBN University" (interestingly named after the TV channel), the goal of this institution is to turn out Christian Neoconservative drones in hopes of putting them into positions of power (such as in DC, Hollywood, news media, etc.). This became apparent after the Monica Goodling scandal, which revealed hundreds of Regent grads working in the Bush Administration. Most of the classes at Regent focus on applying right-wing Christian ideals to politics, law, and the media.

Regent considers its law school to be better than that of Harvard, yet it is so poorly ranked it's a joke. A degree from Walden University will get you more job opportunities than a degree from this place. It is ranked lower than a ttt and its students' reviews are even worse. However, the people at Regent know this, which is why they create massive amounts of propaganda to make the school look better than it is. They like to brag about beating Harvard Law students in competitions, but when it comes to who gets the better careers after school, Regent alumni can hardly get up there.

By the way, John Ashcroft is now a Regent faculty. That alone should make you think.
Marty: I'm going to UPenn. Where are you going?

Timmy: Sucks. My parents are making me go to Regent University, because they think if I go anywhere else I'll turn into a dirty liberal hippie who wears keffiyehs and protests capitalism.

Marty: Man, that really blows.

Timmy: Yeah. They want me to be a lawyer, so they tell me I have to stay at Regent for law school, too.

Marty: Well, good luck working McDonald's for the rest of your life.
by ConservatismSucks September 04, 2009

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