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An acronym for Air Blown Out Nose, which is the actual reaction that most people have when seeing something funny on the internet but they post their reaction as LOL.
Poster 1: funnypicofcat.jpg
Poster 2: ABON
Poster 1: WTF?
Poster 2: Air Blown Out Nose, It is more accurate
by Lupanis March 04, 2013
advanced breed of noob
Jay-el is a fucking abon
by Rinser January 17, 2008
supposed to be "advanced breed of noob or something" but some abon started saying abon so its ABON
He must be some kind of advance breed of noob or something(ABON)!
by Son of Hender February 14, 2008
Advanced Breed of Noob, Nub, n00b, etc.
Chris: "Airman answered a question wrong in class today."

Kadin: "What an ABON."
by Kadin Malavey December 14, 2007
Advanced breed of noob.
Kadin is such a fucking abon.
by JAY-EL January 06, 2008
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