Stands for Able Bodied. Used a lot by people in wheelchairs, especially those involved in sport.
"Hey, did you hear that we have a new coach? He's AB"
by Elle TY April 26, 2007
Acronym for Ass Beads.
As in beads people put up there ass and pull out slowly to gain sexual pleasure.
by mike smidt March 15, 2005
Prefix, meaning "absolutely."
A: "What's new?"
B: "Abnothing. You?"
by Stealth December 29, 2004
Abbreviated for "Asian Boyz", an asian pacific gang around many areas of Massachussetts, Maine and California. They represent a royal blue bandana (rag or flag), as a trademark for their color. Also affiliated with the Crips, and also taunted with being called a "Crab", "Crab ass nigga", "Fuckin' Crab." Also can be represented in the numbers 1226.
Yo there be Clowny, that crab ass AB nigga.

He jus got his ass jumped into AB.
by OG Killah Bu5taH April 25, 2005
Short for abnormal, the opposite of normal.
"Stop being so ab"
"Lol. you are so ab in a good way"
by xxMxx November 11, 2006

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