smoking a blunt between you and someone else
i was with that nigga yesterday we copped a dub of some kush and ab'ed it
by lollolololololololo May 06, 2008
Acronym for Artificial Boner
When wearing thick pants such as blue jeans of some slacks, an artificial boner forms in the crotch area along the zipper. The bulging of the pants closely resebles a Boner. Although one may not have an erection, the AB is certainly noticeable and just as comical. The AB is something to be celebrated. It is a sign of one's superiority over others. The larger the AB the better. Another thing to be taken into consideration is the number of humps in an AB. The more humps the manly one is. Look now. If you have an AB, be proud. If not, change your pants immediately. The AB is normally a nusiance, but if we learn to celebrate, great pride can be taken in the AB. Note: A fake AB can also be used to describe a real boner. A fake AB is in reality a fake artificial boner. Therefore, the fake AB is a real full blown woody. Have fun with your ABs and Fake ABs.
Baker: Dude, this AB is huge. I have three fuckin humps! It's incredible!!
Daaaany: O yea! Beat this. I have a fake AB and an AB at the same time!!!
A buzzing thing
Oh Margaret my dear, look whats making lovely sweet sweet honey - it's AB.
by Digital Cowboy January 06, 2009
Ass Breath
Yo, she gots that AB, did u smell that this mornin? It had my stomach in a knot!
by jiggyjus February 12, 2009
short for antibiotics
"im really sick"
"how sick? sick enough 2 get off school"
"yeah im on ab"
by Kamikaze Watermelon January 20, 2009
someone who resembles and asian boy that lies all the time thats easy
"wow that girl is so AB she should work at a nail salon"

"wow she can never tell the truth lets just call her AB"
by john neilson June 10, 2009
An abdominal muscle, usually used indicating a six-pack. Plural: "abs"
Marta said, "I love the beach. Just look at all those washboard abs."
by TurkishVann August 01, 2004

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